Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Try before you Buy!

You want to try out a Flashed Ronin before you buy one? Well makes sense really, after all who wants to spend £250 on a new concept of bouldering pad without first trying the pad out. Of course once you have tried the Flashed Ronin we are sure that your knees will appreciate the Flashed Ronin and eventually you will succumb to the pleasures of air over foam :-)

Well it's easy to do with The Flashed Ronin. Our friends at The Climbing Works have a Try Before You Buy scheme on a number of pads that they sell, including of course the Flashed Ronin. Basically you hire a Flashed Ronin from The Works for a weekend and come back and buy one within a reasonable period (let's say 1 month) then you will get your hire charge back against your purchase price. Pretty good deal really.

Hire charges from The Works are £10 per day with periods in excess of 2 days are fully open to negotiation!! Anyone that pays an annual Works membership (ie the £300 a year deal) gets 50% off these hire charges.

Monday, 6 July 2009


We've managed to reduce the price of the pads for the summer to £250 :)

There's a great neutral view here of what they're so good from UK